Frequently Asked Questions


What is Pro Short Game App?

The application is a system for assessing and improving skills in the short game of all golfers. Specially selected games divided into two main types "Short game" and "Putting Games", which aim to structure the training process as well as to set goals in the training process.


Who is it meant for?

This application is designed for all levels of golfers. From beginner to scratch players as well as for Training Professionalsas an aidin assessing and improving the short game of anyone who wants to achieve ever better golfing results.


Can I use this application on platforms other than IOS?

Our teamplansto develop the application for Android at the end of 2019, at this time the application can only be used on IOS.


Can I use my account on different IOS devices?

Once your account has been made, it as well as your results and statistics are available from any device that has the application installed.


What is the cost of this application?

The cost of this application depends on the region in which it is used, as well as on the pricing policy imposed by the developer. The price may vary depending on the period or promotional activities. If you are an educational institution or teaching professionals you can contact is to our customer support in order to have your free or promoted license for this application.


How can I use this app?

For more information on how to use this app, please use our “User Guide”


I have another question?

We will complement and improve this section in dependence on the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions that are not part of this section, please contact our customer support