About Golf pro Short Game App

Golf Pro Short Game aims to help you test, evaluate, practice and improve your short game. The key to the low handicap in golf is the good short game.


First App for Your Short Game

Mobile application based on best practices in training and evaluating your short game. 



Easy Result Entry

Easy way to enter your score just by scrolling. Make a notes and upload photos of each individual game record.



Personal Profile

Sign in with your own profile that keeps all your results no matter which device you use.



Full Game History 

Retains a complete history of your games, allowing you to analyze.



Detailed Game Statistic

You can track your progress by comparing the stats all the time. Detailed stats of the short game will help you improve your results.




It will let you know which part of your game is stopping down your handicap, compared to your real handicap.

Luke Donald

"There is more to the game than hitting it far. There are ways to make birdies other than hitting 350-yard drives. I pride myself on a good short game: I work very hard at it."

Short Game

Short Game 1

Short game


Short Chip Shot

The purpose of this exercise is to help you develop your short chips shot, part of the game very important when you miss the green.


Long Chip Shot

The purpose of this exercise is to help you develop your long chips shot, very important when you miss the green more then 15yrd.


Short Sand Shot

An extremely important part of the short game, this game will help you save more pars from the bunkers.


Long Chip Shot 

This game will help you save pars away from pins green side bunkers.


Pitch from Rough 

A typical situation where you want to save par or make a birdie. Try to improve your own score every time and save more pars on the golf course.

Short Game 2

Pitch from Fairway

In this situation there was every golfer, the closer to the flag you manage to put the ball, the more pleasure of the golf game you will experience.


1/2 Wedge

You have to save par but you still have a lot of work to do. A good wedge game will help you.


3/4 Wedge 

How many professionals have you seen to save par despite bad tee shot? 3/4 Wedge shot will help you drastically lower your handicap.


Lob Shot

You have to jump over an obstacle, bunker or bush. Lob shot the special shot the best masters of the short game will help you get out of a similar situation.

Short game


Phil Mickelson

"The only way to win tournaments is with the short game. Over half your shots out here are within 30 or 40 yards."

Putting game

Putting game


Short Putts 3ft

No one wants to miss a put out of 3f. PGA tour statistics shows, that only 5% make 2 putts or more. Keep in mind that this is the possibility of a par or birdie.


Short Putts 6ft

PGA tour statistics shows, that only 35% make 2 putts or more. Secure your par or birdie from this distance to reduce your handicap.


Make-able Putts

PGA tour statistics shows, that only 20,5% make 1 put from the distance between 12-24ft. This is the distance from which you have to secure your scorecard with the birdies.


Big Breaking Putts

How the ball responds to the slopes is probably the most common mistake even by the pros. This game will provide you with the necessary green reading skills.


In-Between Putts

Putting the ball in the hole from this distance has statistically small chances (PGA average 7%). But to ensure par, you must be in close proximity to the hole. 


Lag Putts

The correct ball speed will help you in this game. This game will help you not make more than 2 putts.

Ben Hogan

"There is no similarity between golf and putting: they are two different games, one played in the air, and the other on the ground."